About Road to Jove

The Story:

Two Fomorian soldiers - the human officer Tara and the Keltoi battle-automaton Ceathair - traverse an unstable, war-torn wasteland called the Regret. Their journey is long: from the Kingdom of Fomoria to the fallen city of Jove.

The Reality:

The webcomic updates on average 1-4 pages a month on its webpage, but patrons will always be a couple of pages ahead - see our Patreon page. No matter whether you choose to pay or not, The Road to Jove will still be released. We're doing it because we want to, because we have a story we want to tell. There's no obligation to pitch in, it's just insanely helpful if you do - and hopefully the Rewards tickle your imagination a little, too.

© 2015 Aaron Dembski-Bowden and David Sondered. Road to Jove, Rust + Dust, and their associated logos are either TM and/or © Aaron Dembski-Bowden and David Sondered. All rights reserved.

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