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Aaron aka "the Author"

Aaron is a New York Times bestselling novelist who likes orange but wears black; is from England but lives in Ireland; and hasn't entirely grasped the hang of the dastardly semicolon despite having well over a million words in print.

A lot of his published work is in the Warhammer 40,000 universe - a setting he's loved since he was much tinier than he is now - most notably The First Heretic, The Talon of Horus, and The Night Lords Trilogy. He did a bunch of writing work on the Age of Conan MMO, as well as contributing to about a bajillion supplements for White Wolf's World of Darkness game lines.

His primary ambition in life, even as he advances into his mid-30s, is to find a solar-powered Golden Condor like the one in The Mysterious Cities of Gold. Some dreams never die.

When he's not raving about how great 80s cartoons were, he can usually be found in the middle of the Irish nowhere, listening to Nick Cave, while looking up at the wide, uncaring sky and wondering why it won't stop raining.


David aka "The Artist"

Hailing from the cold north, really north...polar circle north... David works his rune-magic into art. In 2010 he took his family and belongings and moved to Belgium, where his wife originates from.

Together with his wife he has built Studio Colrouphobia, a freelance Illustration, Concept Art and Design-studio that focuses on bringing peoples imagination to life. David's career includes working for Games Workshop, Fantasy Flight Games, Catalyst Game Labs and Prodos Games, amongst others. Even though he lives in the country where the comic or bande dessinée is sacred, this is his first own attempt at one of these underrated artforms.

Owning a cat, two dogs and two monke...rhm, having two angelic boys in the household was perhaps not what he envisioned when he grew up, but it's all tempered by a hot blonde keeping him company in life and in Art.

Whatever you do, do not mention the clowns!

Keeping track of David's madness you can do on the links to the below here.


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